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Life has a certain set of challenges and rewards when you go at it alone. Even if you are in a relationship, sometimes you just need space to process and heal. If there is a specific issue that you want to address like anxiety, depression, trauma, individual therapy is often the most helpful solution.

Whatever your concern, we are here to help

Working by yourself with a therapist is often a safe starting place to address your concerns. No matter what the situation is, you don’t have to be alone in it. We’re here to help you feel your feelings, deal with them, and to heal from emotional wounds and difficulties so you can not just survive, but thrive.

Committed & Married Couples

As a relationship ages, certain cracks begin to appear. The difference between a successful relationship and one that ends in heartache is how you repair those cracks. Do you wait until water is pouring out? Or, do you address concerns head on while it’s still a trickle. The fastest and most effective way to improve your relationship is to have your loved one in the room with you during counseling.

Every relationship has conflict – how committed are you to working through yours?

You and your partner are a team, each one of you affects the other. We create a safe environment for you and your partner to speak about the hard stuff all with an eye to fulfilling unmet wants and needs you both have.


Newer Couples

Every relationship starts in the honeymoon phase. Conflict bounces off you and everything is possible. Yet, you understand that life will eventually creep in … and, you want to be able to address the inevitable relationship rough spots with grace and compassion.

The best insurance policy for your marriage is couples counseling early in your relationship.

Getting married is like getting ready for a lifetime adventure and you want to know you’ve done all you can to make it the best journey possible. Couples who attend couples counseling in the beginning, before anything goes sideways, have the best chance of preserving their new love for the long haul.


Having kids adds a whole new level of stress to a relationship. It’s no longer about you and me, it’s about the communal we. Families that thrive are the ones who have the resources to navigate both high and low tides.
Therapy can help your entire family find harmony.
Therapy can help you and your family learn the skills and communication needed to negotiate the stressors all healthy families struggle through. And when there is a giant wave, like addiction, illness, or death, the Center For Improving Relationships provides a safe harbor for everyone.

You already have everything you need inside of you.


Have you or someone you loved spent years protecting our country? Veterans and their families can experience extraordinary stress before, during, and after their much needed service. You don’t have to suffer in silence through emotional and/or physical pain anymore. We respect and value your sacrifices and want to be here for you.

Veterans make the world a safer place and also sometimes need safe spaces to heal.

Returning to civilian life also brings with it certain challenges. Dynamics in families change, society changes, the political atmosphere changes. It may only take a few sessions to “get back on track” and create the life you fought so hard to preserve.


Your emotional safety is what we tend to first. No matter where you are on your life journey, we strive to make you feel seen, comfortable, and accepted in a geographical area where this is unfortunately not a given. Discrimination, trauma, anxiety and depression look the same across populations, however you have probably had more than your fair share.

Everything you want to talk about is on the table here.

Whether you are struggling with coming out, identity issues, family acceptance and support, or grappling with things like anxiousness, feeling down, and having relationship difficulties, we work hard to understand and respect who you are as a unique individual regardless of the boxes that others may try to put you in.

College Students

Sometimes “the best years of your life” present challenges that make you think, “yeah, right.” While leaving the nest has its rewards, a host of unwelcome roadblocks can get in the way such as roommate difficulties, relationship problems, communication with college professors and administrators, drugs, alcohol, and social media oh my!
Only you know what path is best for you.
A little help establishing your values and defining your hopes and dreams can go a long way in alleviating the stressors you may feel during. We’re here to listen and advise, not to boss you around. Let us help you see new ways of handling stressful situations that set you up for a lifetime of success!

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