Whether you are an individual or a couple, we are here to help you thrive.

Therapy for individuals and couples in Mt. Pleasant, Charleston, and South Carolina

Our therapy and counseling specializations include:

"What type of therapy or counseling is best for me?"

We do not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to your healing journey. Instead, we look at your unique history, circumstances, and needs.

Through dialog and collaboration, we determine which of our proven treatments can best move you into a place of lasting ease as quickly as possible.


"I want to feel loved by and close to my partner again."

Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (EFT)

EFT is considered the gold standard in helping couples regain emotional trust and intimacy. There is no bad guy in this model. Instead, there is a recognition of how a couple interact in a vicious cycle that continues to push each other away when really what each person usually wants to feel their partner’s love.
The first part of EFT is about communication and how to recognize, interrupt, and recover from conflict.
Most other couples’ therapies stop at this point. What makes EFT so impactful to the long term relationship is how during the second part, we work to really establish thrust and emotional intimacy. Couples often begin to experience relief in six weeks. When you finish EFT, you have the skills and experience for a lifetime of love.

"I don’t want to feel these awful feelings of anxiety, anger, sadness or isolation anymore."

Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy (AEDP)

If you’re suffering in daily living, then emotions such as sadness, grief, and loneliness are very familiar. In AEDP your therapist gently helps you move through the blocks that are getting in the way of having deeply felt connections with others.

Feelings are like a wave, they peak and then break against the shore.

Having a safe place to experience all of your emotions and be seen by your therapist brings significant emotional relief and helps you reengage in the life you want to live.

Your relationship is your most important asset. We can help you ensure it keeps growing.

"My sex life could use a little help."

Sex Therapy & Coaching

Many things affect our sexuality: messages about sex in our family growing up, painful or scary experiences with sex, hormones, routine, children, relationship satisfaction, body issues and beliefs about how sex is supposed to be and feel.
Great lovers are made not born.
But who do we talk with about this? How? Is it too uncomfortable to talk about? When couples are happy with sex, they say it accounts for about 30% of their relationship satisfaction. When sex is an issue, they say it accounts for as much as 70% of dissatisfaction in the relationship. We are here to help you have these conversations, and for everyone to come out feeling good.

"I can’t find anyone near me who is a good fit or can offer the help I am really looking for."

Online Therapy

Whether you live on the other side of town or the other side of the state, we have you covered with our telehealth program. We make the process of finding qualified help so much easier!
Don’t let distance keep you from expert help
What we do here at the Center For Improving Relationships is very specialized, and finding qualified people with whom you feel comfortable can be a difficult task right now. All of our highly skilled staff members are available on Zoom.

"We’ve lost that loving feeling."​

"It feels like it’s too late or it won’t work. I’m not sure I really want to do couples therapy."

Discernment Counseling

Sometimes one partner wants to pursue counseling and the other partner is really hesitant. Discernment counseling is a new way to help a couple gain clarity about what they want their next steps to be: keeping things as is, committing to six months quality couples counseling, or heading towards separation or divorce.

It’s normal to have ambivalence about your relationship.

No more than 6 sessions, we focus each session on asking gentle questions about how you got to this place in your relationship, what you’ve done so far to try and fix things, and what really is, and maybe isn’t possible. Couples find this process incredibly helpful whether they decide to pursue couples counseling or not.

"We’re getting married and we want to start this journey on the best foot possible!"

Premarital Counseling

How exciting to find our person! While things are really great is the best possible time to do some couples counseling. By this point in the relationship, many couples have already established patterns of how they address conflict.
Learning your couple sexual and conflict style is the best investment in your new forever after.
Areas of concern for upcoming marriages can be money, sex, in-laws, religion, children, etc. Most married couples wait 7 years too long before getting help. Getting a little bit of support early before there are problems goes a long way to protecting your special bond.

Help is just a phone call away.

"I’ve gotten the message through my life experiences that people will continue to hurt me."

Trauma Focused Therapy

In today’s world most of us have experienced some kind of difficult experience that has stuck with us such as illness, death, divorce, bullying, or betrayal. These events can leave our bodies on high alert and can sometimes limit our ability to live fully.

You can begin to feel safe in the world again.

Being alone or toughing it out just doesn’t work in the long term. Healing doesn’t happen in isolation as much as we might like it to. Working with highly skilled therapists is the first step to enjoying the rest of your precious life.

"We want to see immediate results in our relationship."

Intensive Couples Counseling

Some couples want relief fast, have become stuck in their current couples counseling, or need intensive services after events like an affair. Add to that your non-existent sex life and there can be feelings of overwhelm and desperation.
2 days of intensive counseling can equal 6 months of weekly counseling.
Charleston is the perfect place to do intensive, rewarding couples counseling. Intensives can be 3-6 hours and 1 or 2 days. Come revive your love and sex life quickly with us.

Meet our team of couples counselors and relationship therapists in Mt. Pleasant, SC