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    Jenna B Teves,


    With over a decade of experience in couple and individual counseling, I provide you expert help in getting unstuck from painful patterns and building more security, resilience and joy.

    All individuals and couples go through difficult times. We can feel stuck repeating the same patterns and feeling the same painful feelings. Seeking therapy during a time like this is a testament to your inborn, human drive to heal, overcome, and thrive. On a fundamental level, we all need another heart and mind to accompany us in navigating life’s difficulties when life is painful and overwhelming.

    In my full time work at the Charleston VA medical center, I train PhD candidates and newly minted psychologists in couples therapy. In my limited private practice, I offer you evening and weekend hours to accommodate your busy work schedule. I offer virtual and in-person appointment options.

    Couple Therapy

    You may be feeling lonely, disconnected, or repeatedly hurt in your relationship. You may want to feel closer, to communicate better, or to stop having the same painful, repetitive conflicts. I am expertly trained and certified in two evidence-based approaches to couples counseling – Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples (EFT) and Integrative Behavioral Couples Therapy (IBCT). Using my skill in these approaches, I help you and your partner target the places you get stuck with the knowledge that often the survival strategies we have needed to get us through our most difficult times can keep us from experiencing intimacy in the present. With experience and compassion, I can help you get unstuck and build the safety and responsiveness that characterize a more secure and resilient bond.