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    Amanda Wilson LPCA


    Do you feel alone, even when you are with your partner? Have you noticed the same patterns of arguments that leave you feeling like you can’t seem to reach each other? Are you at a point in life where you thought you could enjoy life, but are finding it more difficult than you expected? Having trouble focusing on your personal or professional goals?


    I help individuals and couples develop healthy patterns within themselves and in relationships, so that they may meet life goals more effectively. Therapy allows both individuals and couples to understand themselves on a deeper level, allowing for a more connected and fulfilling way of life. We will work together to break free of the unhelpful cycles that get in the way of communication and keep us stuck, feeling alone, and in pain. Working collaboratively in a warm and safe space, we will work towards functioning at your highest potential.

    Online counseling available with flexible hours.

    Citadel Graduate Degree in Counseling

    Coast Guard Reserve